Clipper Butane 139g Bottle

Clipper Butane 139g Bottle - The High Road

High quality odourless gas and easy to use to refill all Clipper lighters. Available with adapter ring suitable for refilling various other appliances and other lighter brands.

Safety Warning

Danger: Extremely flammable liquified gas. Keep container in well ventilated place. Keep away from sources of ignition. No smoking. Take precautionary measures against static discharges. Pressurised container: protect from sunlight. Do not expose to temperatures above 50°C (120°F). Do not spray on a naked flame or any incandescent material. Use only as directed. Intentional misuse by deliberately concentrating an inhaling the contents can be harmful or fatal. Use only in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and warnings. Keep away from children.

Keep out of reach of children.

Extremely Flammable

Preparation And Usage

Instructions: 1. Most lighters will need no adaptor, otherwise select the most appropriate one for your lighter. 2. Hold refill vertically, upside down, press nozzle downward firmly into the lighter valve. 3. A spray back usually occurs within five seconds indicating the lighter is full. Should it escape and not fill the lighter, use adaptor. 4. Do not activate the lighter when filling. 5. Wait one minute before using it. 6. Reset flame adjuster, (if lighter has one) if required. 7. Ignite lighter away from face

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