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Cannanda Tolerance Enhanced Effect 60 Gel Packs

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Enhanced Effect™ is Cannanda's first product launched and developed to help cannabis users overcome the negative effects of tolerance. It's a proprietary blend of four pure terpenes in a base of hemp seed oil that helps users experience their medicine like they used to.

By helping patients reduce tolerance to their medicine, they can maximize its benefits. They can also use their medicine continuously, without the need to take "tolerance breaks"--which was previously the only way to reduce tolerance. A proper tolerance break lasts 2-4 weeks--that's a long time to go without medicine when you depend on it daily

Directions for Use

Cut/twist off tip of 1-2 gel packs and squeeze contents into a clean tissue, hold close to nose and inhale the vapours prior to (and during) medicinal use. Some get great results with just one gel pack, others find two at a time works best. Experiment to find the "dose" that's best for your body. If using an aromatherapy diffuser, squeeze 5 or more full gel packs--depending on room size--onto diffuser (Enhanced Effect is NOT for use in electric diffusers, like ultrasonic or nebulizing diffusers).