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Boom 2 in 1 Dry Herb Pen

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BOOM Mini 2in1
Steps on packing: Dry Herb

1. Before packing assure the dry herb has been efficiently grinded, whole pieces do not burn well and make for uneven hits.

2. To begin packing remove the chamber by twisting counter-clockwise (Important: Make sure the mouth piece is facing downwards when you pull the tank from the base during & after use)

3. Once the tank has been removed add desired amount of dry herb into tank. Due to the smaller nature of this chamber, keep in mind re-packing is usually needed after two complete hits on average.

4. After desired dry herb amount has been added insert the battery/coil into the tank. Always insert battery/coil downward into chamber or contents of tank will fall out.

5. With firm pressure slowly press down on the mouth piece with your thumb. You will feel the spring-loaded mouth piece push the dry herb down as to reach the coil to successfully burn. Do this before each hit to mix the contents of chamber and assure consistent hits.

6. Located on the front of the battery base is the power button, when pressed a white ring will indicate when the coil is in use around the button. Press and hold the power button until comfortable amount has been inhaled.

7. Keep in mind, as long as the power button is held down a consistent temperature will be active. This specific model does not turn off or lose heat if power button is actively being pressed.

8. Exhale at your own discretion for most comfort.

9. A white ring will begin to flash once the battery is nearly depleted, this indicates the battery will need to be charged before next use.

Steps on cleaning and care:

1. After each use it’s recommended that you clean the tank to avoid build up. There will be a noticeable loss of quality/ease in pull if the mouth piece and tank have not been properly cleaned.

2. To clean we suggest first removing the chamber from the battery in the same way you would if you were loading.

3. With your thumb, firmly press down on the mouth piece to dispose of debris. Make sure to do this step over a trash-bin or outside as this will make a large mess indoors.

4. Once the chamber is empty of loose debris insert a cotton swab. Rub along the inner-walls and bottom of chamber until resin is no longer visible.

5. To clean the mouth piece push a cotton swab through and remove repeatedly. Repeat this step until cotton swab comes back clean.

6. To clean the coil, carefully blow debris away or use a cotton swab to remove debris around the edges.